Thursday, September 30, 2010

A New Beginning

The waiting and preparing is finally over and we are here, ready to get started. Currently we're struggling with an hour time difference and a late afternoon nap making bed the LAST thing on our daughter's mind. She needs plenty of sleep, though, for her first day of Real Preschool tomorrow.

Real Preschool. I'm not sure I'm ready. Maybe I'll just keep K home until Monday. Or next year. Ahem. I think it'll be easier to let her go to school this time, actually, because we are already used to her "school" in England. That was the difficult adjustment, but still, starting this school feels different: it is actual, official preschool because my daughter is an actual, official preschooler. The other one was just for fun, just to get K out with other children. This is Structured.

I was supposed to have another baby to take care of by the time I sent K off to preschool! I guess that shows you what plans are worth. I do have tons to do while K is in school, so I guess it's good that I'll have a few hours a few days a week in which to do it.

More tomorrow on how it goes!

1 comment:

  1. I was seriously considering keeping Punk 1 in the basement when her time came :)

    I eventually caved in to The Husband's rational explanation as to why hanging out with other kids is not ALL BAD, but am reserving locking them both up in the basement as an option for when they become teenagers.

    I'm sure it will go well for Baby K (and you, too)!



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