Monday, September 13, 2010

The Power of Word Choice

Recently K doesn't seem to "want" anything: she "needs" it.

"I need sit on you knee." [i.e. lap]

"Mami, I need Timmy." [TV show]

"I really, really need chocolate."

I guess all those exchanges consisting of, "I want chocolate" and "No, you don't need chocolate now" have made an impact. It's not a question of desire, mother! I need it! To live!


Also, brief, cryptic discussions in Slovak apparently don't go over K's head any least, not when it comes to Christmas presents. Apo went back in the store to buy something we'd been looking at for K, while K and I walked on. As soon as he left, she turned to me and asked, "Apo buy me my Tinkerbell now?"

If we want a secret language, I may actually have to learn Hungarian. Though K will probably learn it faster...

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