Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Picnics in the Park

We went on a picnic today with a group of Czech families from a town near us. They have a group that meets once a week about 20 minutes away. Not as conveniently located as our local Slovak group, but once a week is great! I wrote them last week asking if the old webpage I found was still accurate and got put on their mailing list just in time to hear about the bank holiday picnic. Excellent timing.

K had a blast on the playground, during the long walk around the lake and then sitting down for the picnic. She made friends with a couple of girls very close to her age. The Slovak and I managed to talk to almost everybody and they were all pretty friendly. I think that almost everyone there was from a mixed marriage, mostly Czech/British obviously but also some Nigerian, Slovak and of course one American. *grin* Apparently someone in the group is teaching a Czech language class for the (British) husbands, which I think is a fantastic idea. I admire a willingness to learn.

Depressingly, their regular weekly meetings are on Wednesday mornings, when K has preschool, but I'm actually considering switching her school days so we could fit this in. I'd love to go to a regular Czech activity for a few months before we move. I guess I'll see what their schedule is like for the next several months...

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