Friday, May 28, 2010

I'll take preschool for 10,000, please

I filled out the application form last night for a bilingual Montessori preschool in Prague. It isn't quite ideal, but as I've mentioned, preschool spots are thin on the ground in Prague this century.

We signed K up for two days a week, and after filling out the forms I went straight to the computer to update my CV, because the fees even for two days are, er, significant. My new goal is to earn enough every month to cover preschool fees. Anything over that goes to chai lattes.

I hope everything works out. I hope Montessori isn't a totally wrong fit for us. I hope our local council OPENS SOME MORE PRESCHOOLS FOR 2011. Apparently there are a bunch of families in our same position: no public preschool available, no option but private or no preschool.

I know I could just keep K home next year, but I really think preschool is in her best interests

1) socially (she's an outgoing kid)

2) academically (she really needs to start learning Czech to be able to merge into Czech kindergarten and first grade), and

3) in order to survive to the age of four. Mama requires the occasional morning alone. Which will now apparently be spent translating up a storm to pay the blasted school fees.

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