Friday, June 11, 2010

Tourism in my own country

Posting may be light for the next week or so, as we're on our second day in Virginia. We came for a wedding and are seizing the opportunity to explore a part of the country that I, at least, haven't been to before.* My mother is even driving up to see us** in a few days.

I'm excited about this trip, among other things, because it's our first time doing what we've talked about for years: visiting different parts of the country as a family, letting our kid(s) get familiar with her (their) native country. We do plenty of traveling in Europe, since it's fairly easy to travel that close to home. It's harder to get very far in America, since everything is so spread out and you want to spend as much time as possible with family instead of sightseeing. In a couple of years maybe we can visit the grand canyon!***

* Oddly, the Slovak has traveled more widely in the USA than I have (I may have him beat globally, though). He is going to be my tour guide in DC.

** A polite euphemism for "just K, actually".

*** Another place the Slovak has been that I haven't.


  1. Hi Melissa! I just came across another blog about a family doing Czech and English:

    Have a great trip!

  2. Your husband travelled more in the USA than you have! It's so familiar - my husband knows so much more about Russia than me, when I often introduce him to places in England he had never been to...
    It may be part of human nature to strive for unknown... Isn't this why so important to pass our native languages to our children preserving their cultural background?
    Enjoy your time back home!

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