Monday, June 28, 2010


K has been experimenting some more with her name (she goes by Katka in CZ/SK and from both parents, Katie in English-only places like preschool). For a while she was insisting her name was Katie and NOT Katka, presumably due to school influence. Now she's swinging back the other direction. She'll often go back and forth in one conversation:

"I Katie, no Katka. I Katka. I Katka, no Katie. I Katie."

I usually tell her she is both Katka and Katie, which she then repeats periodically:

"I Katie a Katka. Katie a Katka."

She's still processing it all I think, and figuring out where she fits.


Apo: "Kedy?" [when?]
K: "No, I Katka!"

Took a minute to realize she thought he'd said "Katie". Hahaha.


K: "I want go domov."
Grandmama: "You want what?"
K: "I want go...home."

Translating when someone doesn't understand! An excellent beginning. I did still have to explain that home = hotel in this case.


K, watching Slovaks play in the World Cup: "Pome pome! Go go go!" [Poďme = Let's go]


K: "I want chocolate!"
Apo: "Čokoládku nemáme." [We don't have any chocolate.]
Mama (to Apo): "Máme ale C-O-O-K-I-E-S." [We do have C-O-O-K-I-E-S, though.]
K, instantly: "Cookies for me??"

I should note that I am almost certain this was a fluke. We hardly ever spell in front of her though, so she couldn't have recognized it from the many other times she's heard "cookies" spelled out. My first thought, though? We're doomed. 2.5 and already spelling as a method of obfuscation is on its way out. I have to wonder if we will survive this child's adolescence. :-D


K is getting close to counting to 10 in English. She likes to count the numbers from the first half or the second half independently, or in randomish order, and she ALWAYS skips 5, so I haven't heard her say all 10 from start to finish in the correct order. 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 is about as good as it gets. Oddly, 5 is the first number she picked up on in Slovak. She never uses it when counting in English, though. She can kind of count from 1 to 5 in Slovak but is still working on the names of all the numbers.


Also, after today's match I am officially bored of the World Cup. We made a good showing, but now I've lost interest. Football was so two hours ago...


  1. Hi! My son, when counting to 10 in English, always skips 3! No idea why! I think he doesn't like number three :) It's just a phase, I guess

  2. My little sister always skipped 14, no matter how many times we told her, "13, 14, 15!" As she got closer to 14, you could see this glint in her eye that said, "I'm not going to say it, you can't make me say it!" I always think of that with K's refusal to say 5. So at least we know it's not just our children!



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