Friday, November 16, 2012


This week's lack of posts has been brought to you by Work. I got slammed on Tuesday and have been slinging off translations left and right since then.

I just submitted the final one but will not have time for a nap before picking up the girl child from preschool. Maybe I'll go pick up a chai latte and vanilla steamer for us instead.

Yes, our daughter has her own coffee* order. Recently she even got her own thermos cup to drink it from (we both have our own and decided she could use a small one).

* No actual coffee in it, just like mine, but it's from a coffee shop so we call it coffee.

Anyway, work. It's been crazy. I don't even try to get anything done in the afternoons any more, because it takes five hours to get one hour of work done with both children home. Morning and after-bedtime work is better for the family but worse for me due to lost sleep and no free time. I can be awfully efficient with limited working hours, though, I have to say.

I will still be happy to switch to days in a couple of years when I can.

This afternoon and evening I can get reacquainted with things like dishes, showers, tidying up, and reading something other than reference sites. Maybe even a BOOK!

Unless I take another assignment before the end of the day, of course. :)

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