Monday, July 19, 2010

Multilingual LEGO Reading

Got Legos at home? Take a look at this simple idea from Filth Wizardry and think of the multilingual possibilities! Basically it's just putting letters or words on individual Lego bricks (with stickers or labels) and stacking the resulting words and sentences. Like a DIY magnetic poetry set, but for kids and customized to your tastes - and languages. I'm just disappointed my daughter isn't reading yet so she won't get immediate use from this. :)

There is a version for readers with sight words to build sentences, and a version for younger kids with one letter (or cluster, i.e. "ee", "th", "ck") per brick to build words. We are just starting some letter recognition when K is in the mood, and we do have a bunch of blocks, so I'm pretty sure letters will be making an appearance on her Legos sometime soon.

Since our languages use the same alphabet, we can use the same blocks for both if I add some with the added letters (š, č, ť, é, and so on) and extra v, y, z, and other letters that are used with more frequency in CZ/SK. I'm excited about the possibilities.


  1. Oh, that's an awesome idea!! You've got my mind spinning with all of the multilingual possibilities...!!

  2. I'm always pretty impressed by the ideas on that blog. With this one I actually thought of you guys, since I bet it would be really easy to do this with Japanese characters. I'll be interested to see what you do with it, if you do. :)



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