Friday, October 26, 2012


I have been enjoying watching as my children's relationship develops. My son loves anything his sister does, even if it involves being a bit too rough with him. It makes it hard to intervene and stop her:

"K, don't do that to your brother."
"But he likes it!"
(M grins like crazy)
"That may be so, but you are still not allowed to poke your brother/take his toys away/turn him upside down. -I- don't like it."

(We determined that he actually does enjoy being poked in the belly with a pirate sword. He does it to himself and giggles.)

She defends him against perceived injustice:

(in SK) "M, stop that!"
(in SK) "Apo, leave him alone, he isn't doing anything! He's just sitting there. Making messes."

She is proud of his accomplishments:

"He said 'ale' [but]! Like a ľud!"

Ľud is from ľudia, which means "people" in Slovak. The word for person is "človek", but K assumes it is a normal plural so she says ľud. Like "peep" from "people" I guess. It makes us laugh, anyway.

In the way of many young girls, she has also decided to marry her brother in case her plans to marry Apo fall through.

All of this doesn't mean she is without reservation regarding her brother, though. She remains clear that she really wanted a sister:

"Mommy, I don't want this baby. I mean, we can KEEP this baby, but I want another one too, a girl one."
"What if we had another baby and it turned out to be a boy, too?"
"Mommyyyy! (with a 'you're being silly' expression) That would never happen!"

A year on, though, I think the Slovak and I can say that M was the perfect addition to our family and we wouldn't trade him for a little sister. In her heart of hearts, neither would K.

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