Friday, September 21, 2012

Conversations and Czechoanglicisms

We try to use environmental print in our slow meander towards reading, which sometimes leads to K sounding out things like this: "M-A-T-T-O-N-I. Flavored water."


More adventures in geography:

(looking at maps)
Me: And this one is called Poland.
K: Who lives there? ...I know! Polar bears.
Me: No, polar bears don't live in Poland. Though now that you mention it that does kind of make sense, doesn't it?


K also comes up with some creative new words sometimes. The Slovak likes "zavřátko" (closer thingy) and "začínátko" (starter thingy) so much that he uses them himself.

She also persistently says "Co je to na?" (word for word: what - is - this - for) instead of "na co to je". She has similar language interference going in the other direction, but this sentence is particularly common.


And some untranslateable grammar humor to finish off:

Apo malému: Ty si malá potvorka...
K: On není potvorka, Apo, on je kluk. On je potvor.
Apo: No, logicky vzato asi máš pravdu.

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