Monday, November 29, 2010

This and That

OK, I can breathe again. I'm still recovering from this weekend. As it turns out, 3rd birthday with associated outing, cake baking, present wrapping and unwrapping + (Slovak) grandmother visiting + big translation project due Monday = very late nights over the weekend for mama.


K had fun playing with Babka for the five days she was here. It was supposed to be six, but with the big snowfall predicted she decided to take the train back yesterday, instead. Possibly a good thing she did, because it started coming down yesterday and hasn't really stopped since.

At one point last week I looked over at where K and Babka were sitting in chairs (kid and adult sized), both with cushions under their bottoms. Babka because it helps her stand up from the chair, and K because, well, Babka has one, doesn't she?

K communicated with Babka occasionally in Slovak but mostly continued her English immersion policy (teaching the rest of the country English instead of learning Czech herself, that is). Several times we reminded her that Babka doesn't understand English so K needs to speak Slovak to her, and K would say the one word she needed and then go back to chattering in English.

The stubbornness, she gets it from her father.


K has been doing some stuttering lately that I don't really like. More like she just gets stuck on one word and can't get past it - "Mama, why you, why you, why you, why you, why you do that?" I noticed it before we left UK, which is a good thing because if I'd noticed it once we got here I'd probably be panicking that the shock of the move or change in language environment was giving my child a stutter. So at least I know it wasn't caused by the change of environment.

Dr. Google informed me that a lot of children actually go through a stuttering stage at about this age and that most of them grow out of it. So that's comforting. I haven't been making an issue of it, of course, but it is occasionally trying to stand there patiently and let K finish her sentence instead of jumping in and finishing it for her. I think in K's case it's probably related to the huge jump in sophistication of her speech (putting in all the connecting words, etc.) recently: she is probably getting stuck trying to get the more complicated grammar and vocabulary out. She's gone from "Mama! Hep!" to "Mama, can you help me please?" in a very short time.

Still. I'll be happy when I see that she's grown out of it.


Annnnnnd in the time it took me to write this I got another longish assignment for this week. Off to work.


  1. We SOOO have the stuttering going on here too! Similar situation as well. He gets stuck on one word or two, and repeats it like 20 times! Usually when he is excited and his brain seems to work faster than his mouth. (or the other way around?)
    I have heard it is normal and they grow out of it. I hope so!
    Sounds like you had a good but busy weekend. Birthdays are always tiring aren't they?...

  2. Yeah, I think the stuttering goes away eventually. Happened on this site of the internet as well -- I just tried to be as encouraging as I could and make no issue of it. And sometimes it helped to even turn it into a joke (at parent's discretion).



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