Thursday, October 7, 2010

More Encounters at the Playground

I just got back from another playground visit with K. We have to take advantage of the decent weather while it lasts! There were a bunch of kids there to play with.

One boy of about six was really intrigued by the fact that he couldn't understand K. They were taking turns on the slide and she was speaking English some.

"I go on my tummy!" she announced.
"Teď jsem jí nerozuměl," he said to me. (I didn't understand what she just said.)
"I go on my tummy!" she said on her next turn.
"To bylo to samý, co řekla před chvílí!" (That's the same thing she said before!)

I agreed with him that it was the same and that she had said she wanted to slide on her tummy. He remained intrigued and was obviously paying attention to her for the rest of the time they played. Then we bumped into each other later in the nearby farmer's market and he came up and talked to us for a minute. Very friendly boy!

I also thought it was funny that K and a slightly younger girl got into an argument about sand (the other girl thought ALL the sand was HER sand - so I didn't get involved). The girl yelled at K once in a while and K yelled back. Sometimes K yelled the same things ("MOJE!" - "No, MOJE!") and sometimes she said nonsense syllables that presumably sounded like Czech to her. K held her own, though, and they came to an agreement. K: 1, Czech: 0.


  1. Hello, i've just started reading your blog, and it's wonderful! I am Scottish, and have a Slovak boyfriend (from Banska Bystrica) and we have been together 2 years. No marriage or babies yet, but it's lovely to have an insight on how things might pan out for our own eventual bilingual children! :)

  2. Thanks! Stick around, read, comment. And Slovaks are definitely the best :) It's a challenging language to learn for an English speaker, especially if you don't live there, but it's not impossible! And you probably want to keep an edge on the (potential future) bilingual children for as long as you can! Haha :) Thanks for commenting!

  3. Yeah Slovaks are the best :) And it's VERY challenging for me, I really don't have a ear for languages and in 2 years I probably could have learned more than I have but i'm still trying! I do find it easier when i'm there and surrounded by it, and I can usually guess what people are talking about, but it is mostly guess work! And yeah I definitely want to be able to understand future children! I'm going there for 3 weeks over xmas and will be having my first fishy xmas meal! But yes I will continue to read, it's a great blog!



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