Sunday, August 8, 2010

The Stubbornness She Gets From Her Father

"Mama, come dole!"
"You should really say either 'come down' or 'poď dole'."
"Come dole."
"Try 'come down'."
"Come dole."
"How about 'poď dole'?"
"Poď down."
"OK, now she's doing this on purpose."


Also, a couple of weeks ago K started talking about "time out", which was odd since we call it "the quiet place" or "the stair". She likes to tell her dolls off a lot. :) Then she started saying something that I eventually decoded as "I'm going to be cross with you!" This caught my attention as it's a very British phrasing that she wouldn't have heard at home, and I couldn't think of anywhere we'd been together where she'd have heard it, either.

This left nursery as the most likely source for both phrases, so on her next school day I asked her teacher if they'd been having disciplinary issues with her. She gave me the answer every parent longs to hear when she said, "Oh no, we never have any problems with K! She must hear us saying that to a couple of the other children who misbehave." I was really hoping she'd say that, but knew it wasn't impossible that K would get in trouble herself, either. The teacher also mentioned that the only thing with K is getting her to keep her shoes and socks on. BE GLAD SHE STOPS WITH THE SOCKS AT NURSERY is all I have to say about that.


And that is all for tonight. Been kind of busy the last few days so I haven't had a chance to blog until now. More next time!

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  1. pod also means floor and dole is down in croatian!I'm amazed at the similarities!

    Haha Beli does the same when we ask her to say the numbers in croatian then english. she starts with "ONE, then switches to croatian, she smiles, as she says 'jedan' she knows the difference.
    it's interesting to read that our daughters are having similar experiences.



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