Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Side Effects of Becoming a Mother

Now that K is feeling better I have the luxury of being sick. We've all been feeling cruddy (from three different causes, too!) recently, but when K started her tummyaches and temperature, you wouldn't believe how fast my cold dried up! It wasn't just that I ignored my sneezing, I actually stopped sneezing.

Then she seemed to feel better for most of Sunday, and I started sneezing again. Then Monday she was sicker than ever and I found myself oddly devoid of cold yet again. I had a clear head and enough energy to do what I had to.

She's been feeling better since yesterday morning, so of course last night I came down with a fever and chills. Last night and today I've been pretty uncomfortable, but I can afford it now: K was in school or napping until Apo came home from work.

It seems my body automatically schedules its illnesses for when my child doesn't acutely need me.

Mothers, behold your superpower!

Use it well.

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