Friday, June 14, 2013

Conversations: Do YOU like making small people happy?

Earlier this week at park: "Mommy, that's my new friend Nemonika (not-Monika)."
"No, Nemonika."
"I just heard her mom call her Domi, so I'm pretty sure it's Dominika."
Today at park: "I have to go, Mommy, I see my friend Demonika."

"Demon" means the same in Czech as it does in English, FYI.


(after K let M do something he normally isn't allowed)
"He really wanted to, and I wanted to make him happy. I like making small people happy. Do YOU like making small people happy, Mommy?"

Something about her tone in that last sentence made me feel kind of guilty...though as it turned out it wasn't a trick question.


The Slovak has had some late meetings this week, making him get home late three days in a row. Yesterday she told me, "Mommy, I'm sorry. You're probably going to miss me, but you'll have to come get me late from school tomorrow, after druhá sváča (afternoon snack, about 3 pm). I have a lot of work and meetings to go to. Kid meetings."


K knows all the words to (the chorus of) "Do You Hear the People Sing?" in English and is learning it in Czech and French (we have a lot of soundtracks). She also knows almost the whole "Confrontation" song because the Slovak likes to burst out singing it at random. I know Rach will appreciate this.

K can also belt out all the words to "Mně se líbí". I have never been prouder as a parent.


It has also come to my attention that K is introducing her friends to French historical fiction. Recently she told me she and two friends were playing "Valjean and Javert" and K's friend had to be the policeman and chase her. I asked in surprise if her friends knew the story, and she answered, "No, but I told it to them."

Wait, NOW I've never been prouder as a parent.

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  1. YES! I am so proud!! My kids will have an older cousin to sing Les Mis songs with (and to teach it to them in other languages)! I can just see them running around singing the Confrontation song back and forth. :)

    Also, I love how K asked if you like making small people happy. Definitely sounds like something she would ask to make a point. Funny how even when she isn't asking a trick question, you have to keep your wits about you just in case. ;)



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