Friday, December 14, 2012

Kristova léta

Where I live there is a concept called "Kristova léta" - the years of Christ, referring to the age 33. I think it's supposed to be a time of reflecting on your life and what you have accomplished, given that by age 33 Christ had achieved, like, a lot more than you. I'm not aware of a similar idea in the USA as referring to a time in a person's life, but I remember hearing about it here years ago and thinking...well that's a long time off.

Today is my 33rd birthday. I feel like there should be a snappy punchline to that, but there isn't really. I have a family I love and work I enjoy. Both are going quite well. :)

I was going to bake myself a birthday cake, but with everything going on this week it just wasn't going to happen. I hope to get out a batch of gingerbread tomorrow at least. This December has been so brutal that we've barely done anything for Christmas yet.

The good news is M is on the mend, so things might start getting back to normal.


  1. I saw your reference to that on Facebook, but didn't understand it. Glad you explained here. It is definitely an interesting thought to stop and think about how far you've come in 33 years (even if it is obviously not saving the world, haha). Interesting for sure. Also, I vote Matus makes you a cake! And if not, then I can totally make you one over Christmas! :)

  2. Happy birthday!

    Glad M is feeling better too.

    This is interesting. In Japan, there is a concept of "yakudoshi" which is the year for which people are supposed to have a calamity in their lives (generally psychological). For men it's 42 and women 33. Coming from totally different places but same result- women at 33 reflecting on their lives.



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