Wednesday, May 25, 2011


We're in a year of transitions.

It's been about nine months since our move back to Prague, and we're all pretty much settled but not quite settled yet.

Our apartment is definitely still in transition as we work to reduce, simplify, organize, carve out some space for a very small new family member.

And I think 3 is such a year of balancing as well, so grown up compared to 1 or 2, and so small compared to the first graders K so fervently wants to join at the big school. One minute confident in her assertion that she's a big girl and CAN do lots of things, the next cuddled in my lap insisting "But I'm not a big girl any more!" and that she can't POSSIBLY do other things. K still has no problem claiming to be a baby when she's not feeling up to facing the big girl world.

K is becoming a Czech speaker, but she's not quite there yet. She's becoming multilingual, but still has some ground to travel.

She's thriving in preschool, learning and growing in knowledge - in English as well as Czech, which I wonder how she manages - all the time.

She's becoming a big sister, but she's not quite there yet either.

The baby is becoming a baby, the Slovak and I are about to expand the family by 25% and double our parenting responsibility...

Pretty much, this year is going to end in a very different place than it started. More so than most years.


  1. Oh, I had forgotten that you were expecting! How are you feeling these days--second trimester, right?

  2. I'm just easing into my third trimester I think, due in October. Feeling ok, mostly just ready to get it all over with. :) I think we're all ready for Boy Baby to be born... (I guess you can probably identify with that with Girl Baby!)



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