Wednesday, January 5, 2011

I have a blog?

Oh. Hello! Happy New Year!

My husband has been nudging me since my last post to update again, why haven't you updated yet, will you just write something already, ARE YOU EVER GOING TO WRITE AGAIN? Since between my last post and today is the number of days past her due date that Baby K was born, I think his impatience and incredulity lacks a certain oomph, if you know what I mean.

We spent a week in Slovakia with Babka and Dedo, which was basically a repeat of our previous visits there, plus Christmas food. And a ridiculous number of Christmas presents.

Then the day after we got back K started complaining of pain in her ear. In the morning, she cheerfully announced, "Mama, my ear hurts! I need to go to the doctor!" By lunchtime she was curled on the couch, saying weakly, " ear hurts...I need to go to the doctor..." So we went to the doctor and spent a week battling the almost-an-ear-infection that was a lot like an ear infection but apparently caused by allergies. Either way, it involved temperatures, four kinds of drops and fever medicine. K still loves doctors but now hates medicine. Especially drops.

I do, too. *sigh*

Anyway, between one thing and another - including starting her new school this week - I've been distracted lately. More on school later, I imagine.

Fortunately I wasn't too distracted to notice that Ready For Ten, a parenting website, included me in their list of 50 favorite bloggers of 2010. I'm skulking in the back, in the W's. Thanks, guys!

I have also just updated my About Me, which still said we're located in UK. Oops. I'm also going to get around to the Family Language Diagram at some point, because it's out of date, too.


  1. It's always helpful to have those husbands who remind you to update things. :)

  2. Hi, so you're Melissa - thanks for following my blog (trilingual trio)! I just discovered yours and I really enjoy your style. When I get round to putting a blogroll on mine I will definitely include yours - would you do the same for me? I'm still working my way round all the blogs and other resources on the web, but there's definitely a number of voices that keep cropping up. It's nice, it feels like a real community.

    Keep writing,



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